October 2015 ARIES Fortune HOROSCOPE: You have an emotional need for adventure and independence

October 2015 Aries forecast reading Aries Keep away from crowds, dangerous places and survival situations at this time. There can be a power struggle.  Power is released; great changes can be made, investigations are begun.

This is favorable for athletes, scientists, or for self-improvement.  You have power to change things now.  Don't force your ideas onto others, and watch out for people who try to do this to you.

Don't be ruthless, and avoid physical danger.

You may find it hard to get ahead in your job now, but this is because your energies are involved in more personal things for the moment.
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During this transit you tend to feel irritable and frustrated as you want to break free of past restrictions.

Aries October 2015 astrology predictions Rebellion can be a major problem, particularly if you feel that something or someone is standing in your way.

Patience is a virtue which seems so difficult to maintain during this transit, and yet it is the trait which you need to develop.

It is possible that you have problems both in your profession and at home.  Your energy is high; you may become quite excitable or irritable right now.

Deal with your problems as they occur, at the right time and in the right place.  In other words, if you have a fight at work, don't come home and take it out on your partner.

Aries October Horoscope zone chart You have an emotional intensity, and a strong need for drama. Under stress you will create drama and intensity in your life.

You may have been born at a time when your mother experienced a crisis, or your birth may have been traumatic. Your mother may have been possessive and intense.

You can now put forward your ambitions and affairs with great energy and success.  This is a good time for you to meet and mix with people from other walks of life than your own.

Listen to what they have to teach you, instead of trying to impress them; you will increase your own confidence and success.