October 2015 Aquarius and Virgo Love Horoscope Reading: Fate has smiled on this relationship

Aquarius male and Virgo female October 2015 compatibility horoscope

This is a passionate and explosive relationship fraught with hidden tension. It is difficult for both Aquarius and Virgo to conquer their own strong feelings about this association.

There is a real danger of this relationship becoming an emotional battleground.

Aquarius and Virgo try to communicate in a calm and loving manner, but their union is fraught with deep-seated problems which continually surface in an explosive manner.

The result is that they both become embroiled in a fight for supremacy.

Together Virgo and Aquarius enjoy good fortune, exploring the realms of higher learning, culture, religion or metaphysics.
October 2015 Aquarius and Virgo Love Horoscope Reading

They may delight in travelling to foreign lands, meeting new people and discovering different ways of life.

Alternatively they may take delight in joining a study group closer to home.

Forecast Aquarius male and Virgo female October 2015 Initially this union expands their horizons and the attraction is strong. It is difficult for Virgo and Aquarius to remain committed to each other, unless there are other indications of commitment in their association.

The trouble is that Aquarius cannot seem to settle down, always looking for new horizons. She wants romance and excitement on a grand scale and expects Virgo to join in.

Virgo is more likely to have difficulty in this association because he is more sensitive to the conflicts. Whereas Aquarius is more likely to take a philosophical and optimistic approach to the problems.

A beneficial and joyful relationship can result if Aquarius and Virgo are able to close the door on problems and hurts from previous relationship and enter into this liaison with a sense of joy.

Together they can heal each other's emotional pain, gaining understanding and insights into relating.