January 2016 GEMINI Fortune HOROSCOPE: You are feeling reflective rather than expressive just now

GEMINI Horoscope Forecast January 2016 This transit can feature a combination of two effects.

It can be a time where you feel that you are beating your head against a brick wall or it can be a time when you have great determination and drive to achieve your goals despite the apparent obstacles.

Either way you are likely to expend a lot of energy in an effort to push forward with your ambitions.

You must be careful not to overdo it. With wise and considered action you can overcome any obstacles and achieve much.

Home and family come under intense scrutiny and pressure as you find yourself digging into everything that is most personal and private about yourself.
January 2016 GEMINI Horoscope Predictions

A time to get down to basics and strip away all that is nonessential. Not much of a social time.

January 2016 Gemini astrology horoscope reading Relationships with loved ones at home, with mother or with women friends, are dominated by emotional upsets. You are unsure sometimes what is causing the upsets.

It is almost as if a fog has temporarily descended and it is true that you may not be seeing things clearly.

It is best to seek the advice of an objective friend, someone who will help prevent you from taking everything personally.

Although your intuition is heightened, you are easily upset and may be feeling emotional insecure.

Ideals and dreams conflict with your need to be different and perhaps unconventional. Being slavish to established ideals could result in a loss of freedom and insight.

Gemini January 2016 horoscope predictions Be aware that lofty ideals do not automatically guarantee honesty.

You may even feel tempted to give up everything. In some cases you could find yourself temporarily unemployed and directionless.

Do not despair. The lesson of this transit is indeed to reassess your goals in the light of your higher purpose rather than personal ambitions.

It is a good time to consider the more spiritual aspects to your career such as your gift to humanity or how you can serve through your career rather than how it can serve you.