January 2016 CAPRICORN Fortune HOROSCOPE: Contracts, marriage, associations etc., are favoured

January 2016 CAPRICORN Astrology forecast The accent of this period is placed on intimacy. All that touches on the past, the family, the home, is in principle favoured.

The dangers of this transit reflect on affective blackmail or on problems of stability.

It is a good moment to think about concrete things, finances, money, etc. One should not confuse generosity and excess, with this Astral position.

It is important for him not to confuse his sentiments with intellect, or his intellect with his sentiments. He should be more imaginative.

The sensitivity orients itself towards the environment or small displacements.
January 2016 Capricorn Astrology Horoscope Predictions

Nobody lives this phase simply, this is a moment that is always sensitive emotionally.

Nevertheless, he seeks a new direction, he gets organized differently; he develops and learns to use what happens to him.

He knows that he is responsible for the rest of his life.

He was eventually forced to do so, but it is he that has accepted the elements that constitute the following.

January 2016 Capricorn Horoscope predictions The emotional subjectivity is extreme.

He works rather subconsciously, he does not do what he wants, he should flip through this chapter in his life too fast to have time to read each line.

His activities are often driven by an instinctive force.

He must avoid amalgamating the instructions and values in his new program. He seeks to dominate the events.

The individual must absolutely try to see things more clearly and avoid anything that may introduce confusion.

Horoscope reading Capricorn January 2016 Some points seem contradictory at first.

This may indicate that something negative happens, and then something more positive.

For example, a person loses his job, the sky indicated this by the negative state of the most important planets of the year.

Shortly afterwards, he finds a better job. This is also indicated as one of the planets of the period reflects necessarily something very positive in terms of work.

Contracts, marriage, associations etc., are favoured.

The sombre face of this Transit appears in the form of a sentiment of isolation, Capricorn feels deserted, in spite of the effort he may have made. He should perhaps change his manner of acting.