Cancer male & Taurus female September 2015 Compatibility Love Horoscope: Family is a high priority

September 2015 Compatibility Love Horoscope Cancer and Taurus are satisfied with the relationship and are willing to persist through troubled times realising that the rewards are great.

A satisfying long-term relationship results from their patience and persistence

As a Cancer you are sensitive and emotionally vulnerable with a strong tendency to develop dependence in a relationship.

This may mean that you become possessive and sulky when thwarted.

Family is a high priority so you are looking for a partner with whom you may establish a safe and cosy haven built around a home and children.

You do not want a partner who threatens your emotional security in any way.
Cancer man Taurus woman September 2015 Compatibility Forecast

As a Taurus, you are seeking security and stability both materially and in your love-life.

At heart you have no desire to put yourself at risk, and therefore you appreciate a partner who you can count on and who appreciates the support you are so good at giving.

Your capacity for pleasure is considerable, so mutual enjoyment is an important value for you.

In some cultural traditions women have tended to repress their individuality and to project aspects of their personal identity onto their partner.

Women with the Sun in Taurus may be attracted to the stable type of man who is materially well-off.

Actually of course, this is a major priority for you yourself and one which you should achieve without the help of your partner, who may well have other priorities.

It's likely that Taurus and Cancer felt a strong attraction when they first met, possibly falling deeply in love.

Cancer man & Taurus woman September 2015 Compatibility Forecast The durability of the attraction depends on other connections between the planets.

However, Taurus and Cancer are likely to remain friends even if they do not maintain an intimate partnership.

Both Taurus and Cancer feel at ease in each other's company, because they both feel that the other person is contributing positively to the union.

As a result Taurus and Cancer can relax and enjoy the benefits of their friendship.

Cancer and Taurus enjoy each other's company because they are able to communicate comfortably. They enjoy discussions and are not concerned about arguments.

Many personal relationships fail simply because two people are unable to communicate both their thoughts and feelings.