AQUARIUS and VIRGO relationship horoscope October 2015: this relationship positively transforms both their lives

October 2015 AQUARIUS man and VIRGO woman horoscope predictions

Destiny plays a strong role in AQUARIUS and VIRGO's relationship.

There is an instant attraction, a spark that ignites the feelings of both AQUARIUS and VIRGO. However, fate can a cruel mistress.

This relationship is fraught with problems that AQUARIUS and VIRGO find difficult to understand and solve.

In particular VIRGO feels that her light is hidden under bushel. He struggles to express [his/her/] true self.

Perhaps VIRGO owes AQUARIUS a favour that seems never to be full repaid or may VIRGO has an inexplicable sense of responsibility for AQUARIUS.
AQUARIUS and VIRGO love horoscope October 2015

AQUARIUS and VIRGO feel strongly drawn to each other, enjoying a strong and loving bond.

This relationship satisfies the emotional needs of AQUARIUS, who feels comforted by relating to VIRGO.

AQUARIUS gains new insights about herself and relating through her association with VIRGO.

In turn VIRGO is attracted to AQUARIUS's willingness to be vulnerable and loving, and feels supported by this union.

Aquarius and Virgo October 2015 compatibility horoscope forecast

Together AQUARIUS and VIRGO have opportunities to heal the painful experiences of previous relationships and forge a strong and loving bond. This is an important union.

When an intimate bond is formed, the love can soothe emotional pain and bring a sense of freedom and joy.

On the other hand it can also reinforce a person's wounds, sending them into emotional turmoil and forming negative relationship patterns.

In this case AQUARIUS and VIRGO have a chance to overcome their old relationing habits through their love for each other.

They may even help each other view their childhood experiences in a different light.