2016 DOG Predictions For Love and Money - DOG Horoscope 2016 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Yearly Chinese Horoscope for DOG Chinese New Year 2016 horoscope for Dog

You have a generous heart and it is not in your nature to give your love to one person alone, though you may be a loyal partner if that is what is expected.

But you also need to cultivate your friends and humanitarian interests.

A romantic interest who seems utterly fabulous can actually be hiding significant flaws. It may be best for independent Dog's to go solo this year.

Your affectionate sign gets easily attached to others, which could lead to heartache.

You may often feel an attraction to an exotic type of partner - perhaps because you feel a strong need to experiment romantically.
2016 DOG Horoscope Predictions For Love and Money

2016 Dog Chinese Horoscope Forecast Love gives you an opportunity for renewal and often brings dramatic change into your life.

Emotionally you may be quite distant - cool even - and this may reduce the enjoyment of intimacy.

You are attracted to an unusual type of woman who contrasts strongly with your social background - a person who can give you a new view of the world.

2016 Dog Chinese Horoscope Zodiac On the work side of life, the Dog will find himself very busy.

Dog sign may have additional responsibilities at work, but by being his usual determined and hard-working self, he will sail through this busy time while impressing others at the same time.

For those seeking employment or looking to change direction, this can be a significant year.

Keeping a look out for opportunities and openings and acting quickly will provide huge success.

May, September and December will be very important periods for the Dog’s career.

2016 will have mixed aspects for the Dog, but by being aware of this, he can enjoy the Year of the Snake and rise to any challenges.

The Dog's financial fortune is tied to their friendships the Year of the Fire Monkey, so it's so important to be discreet about social networking.

An embarrassing photo or post could take you out of contention for a great job.