TAURUS TAROT CARD READING 2016: A bad luck charm, tedious time can build up consuming you

2016 Tarot card reading for Taurus zodiac A bad luck charm, tedious time can build up consuming you, a sign warning you to consider all options cleverly and experiment accordingly before proceeding to fulfill the pending work or the pending project, a sign commanding you to only proceed if all is ok otherwise not to proceed at all, a period when opportunities are less and are troublesome.

A harbinger, an indication that something is going on messy related to you directly or indirectly.

Something unexpected wrong, or something bad may happen, or you can yourself perform the work elevated by the bad luck.

Anything yet not resolved thus leading to an increase in the mess which you have to clear out, or anything bad.
2016 Taurus tarot card oracle Bad Luck

If possible, you are reminded to become aware of the events happening or are about to happen in your life.

Correcting the mishaps will solve problems, so you are advised to become alert because of the poping up of this harbinger

Taurus Tarot predictions 2016 Knowing the dark truth is required, what you come to know you would always acquire… Your subject is likely to change as the clouds go, the seeds they have in their hands, and they will sow.

If you are lacking strength to go forward, a dose of prudence may be called for. Are you spending too much? Maybe it's time to slow down.

Do you give up too soon? Dig in and refuse to quit. Is your work often careless, late or incomplete? Next time resolve to work up a sweat and get the job done.

Something important has been given to you and something important was seized from the other individual who was guilty in the justice bestowed by Mother Nature and angels.