TAROT READING for TAURUS August 2015: Little success in money matters

August 2015 Taurus Tarot horoscope forecast Ace of Wands tarot card meanings: receptivity to all impressions, vivid imagination, enthusiasm, tendency to mysticism, profundity, liking for travel, empathy. Little success in money matters.

You might discover that unconventional solutions to life's problems or new directions and paths are in order. You could find a teacher or guide, a new approach to your career, and so on.

Taurus August 2015 Tarot Zone Predictions
This is a time for you to speak out about your thoughts or concerns regarding your work or professional matters.

Communication with your superiors or with people in authority who are in a position to consider and act on your ideas comes to the fore now.

Meeting people that can benefit your career, getting together with colleagues, or getting to know your superiors on a more personal, friendly basis is quite likely at this time.

Take advantage of all opportunities to socialize with the people you have professional ties with for the outcome is likely to be quite positive.

Taurus August 2015 Tarot predictions  The Ace of Wands is the first card in a suit that promises many wonderful things. When we draw this card, we have amazing opportunities to change our lives.

Aces represent a beginning within the element of their suit. In this case, that is Fire, indicating that new opportunities exist in the areas of creativity, career, passion, and self-development.

The energy of the Ace of Wands can also signify a restlessness or uncertainty as to how to proceed. You may have energy and passion but not yet have a clear outlet for its expression.

August 2015 Taurus Tarot forecast  All of these wonderful ideas are beginning to build up from within and you are just bursting with energy but now you must find a way to effectively express this energy in a way that will set you up in the longer-term.

Now, we can see that our dreams are within reach; however, we will have to take the actions necessary to attain our goals.

All of these are excellent guides in knowing just which wish to make!