TAROT READING for AQUARIUS August 2015: Opportunities for branching out into new areas will present itself at this time

TAROT READING for AQUARIUS August 2015: Queen of Cups

Indicates a woman with light brown hair and hazel eyes. Indicates love, a happy marriage and general good fortune.

In all matters, she lets her heart lead the way. She senses emotional currents and knows what others are experiencing without having to ask. She is never moody, but understands moods and their influence.

You now need to become Focused; Imaginative; Emotionally responsive; Sensitive; Empathic; Strong; Maternal.

This can represent the sensitive lady who relies on her intuitive ability rather than common sense.
Tarot reading AQUARIUS Queen of Cups Tarot Card

Could be someone who is doing occult work, undercover work, a physician, stockbroker, acupuncturist, dentist, counselor, dramatic actress.

Aquarius monthly tarot predictions A mature woman who is caring and loving. She has experienced an eventful and emotional life and sympathetic to the needs of others.

In relationships the Queen of Cup is loyal, loving, faithful and devoted to her partner.  She likes harmony and peace so will avoid conflict and arguments by approaching things in a gentle sensitive manner.

TAROT READING for AQUARIUS August 2015: Possible Events

You will attract money, some special favors and assistance from unexpected sources.

Your ability to make a good impression on others can bring you your greatest success.

You have great luck in attracting favors or getting gifts. Some clairvoyant skills are sometimes needed in what you do.

The ability to see the future will come as a blessing. Answers to problems through sudden inspiration will be a common event in your life.

Someone will come to help you utilize your talents and skills. Opportunities for branching out into new areas will present itself at this time.

The Tarot's suit of cups represents emotion and queens represent female energy.

The shoreline is a symbol of the edge of human consciousness and the sea is the endless and deep reservoir of untapped feeling.