Synastry Horoscope 2016 Taurus man & Aries woman compatibility forecast: Leadership issues are important in the relationship

2016 yearly compatibility horoscope predictions: Taurus man and Aries woman

As a Cancer you are sensitive and emotionally vulnerable with a strong tendency to develop dependence in a relationship.

This may mean that you become possessive and sulky when thwarted.

Is a high priority so you are looking for a partner with whom you may establish a safe and cosy haven built around a home and children.

You do not want a partner who threatens your emotional security in any way.

Though you are a person who seeks to create peace and harmony around yourself, you are drawn to dynamic and decisive types who have a strong need for independence and a clear idea of what they want in life.
2016 compatibility predictions Taurus man and Aries woman

This person will be the well-balanced harmonious type. Through this relationship you may learn to weigh matters up impartially and develop a consideration for others.

Taurus man and Aries woman horoscope forecast 2016

Your partner can be exciting to be with, though often apparently temperamental or impulsive.

This may be because you tend to suppress your own spontaneity or decision-making powers when you are in your partner's company.

You are attuned to a certain naiveté and innocence in your partner - a youthful buoyancy which is an attractive quality for you.

Through partnership you may learn to overcome your tendencies to vacillate and compromise too much.

Leadership issues are important in the relationship, and you will learn that there are times when it pays to assert yourself.

Although you have a certain sensuality you are rather nervous in your love-relationships, partly because you are somewhat self-critical, especially about your appearance, but also because you are so aware of flaws in your partner.

Practical issues such as your economy, career, and the organisation of your daily life together, are important to you when choosing your partner.

You often express your romantic feelings through being very helpful. Take care that you do not end up performing the services of a home-help rather than a lover.

Your are attracted to a woman with a responsible attitude who can both assist you in organising your life and help you see issues more clearly.