September 2015 TAURUS Fortune HOROSCOPE: These are just some of the possibilities open to you

Monthly Horoscope Zone September 2015 This can be a somewhat dreamy and romantic time for you. You may become mildly infatuated with another or someone may have idealistic thoughts about you.

Either way, it is more likely to be pleasant and amusing than deceptive or disillusioning. Yet, if other factors support it, spiritual love can occur now.

Romance aside, this configuration advantages anyone who is artistically gifted or inclined. Music, the visual arts, painting, dance, theater and fashion can all flourish during this transit.

This can be a time of conflict and reaction to those in power. Be careful of your actions if you seek to reform some element of authority.

September 2015 Taurus Astrology Horoscope Reading Your high zeal during this period may blindside your involvement. It is important that all of your actions are legal and valid, and you should avoid people whose motives are not pure.
september 2015 taurus astrology zone horoscope

If you are in a position of power, be sure to maintain an appropriate position of authority with a pure motive and without emotional reactions.

If you find yourself at odds between caution and optimism, or confidence and a lack thereof, you should try to achieve greater balance and compromise regarding your expectations.

If there has been too much focus in one particular area of your life at the expense of something else, this transit can reveal it, sometimes in very subtle ways.

For example, those who are inclined towards being perfectionists may endure some degree of frustration and loss of prestige.

September 2015 Taurus Forecast oracle This transit can have the effect of making you feel that you are caught in one of life's mazes. Whatever exciting direction you wish to explore there seems to be no clear path, and yet there is a strong urge to continue exploring.

In some cases you may feel that someone else or an external event is confusing matters.

However, you are idealistic and have unrealistic expectations and would be wise not to accuse others just yet.

It may be that someone is deceiving you, but now is not the time to take action. Bide your time and all will become clear.

It would also be best to avoid making long-term decisions right now as your own judgement may be clouded. Rather remain as down-to-earth as possible while pushing for spiritual growth.