September 2015 Synastry Horoscope between Sagittarius man and Virgo woman: Problems can arise between you

Monthly Synastry love horoscope between Sagittarius man and Virgo woman. September 2015 relationship forecast

Communication is vital to this relationship. Virgo woman encourages you to speak your mind and you will probably have many heart to heart discussions with each other.

He may tend to initiate or dominate conversations. After all, he likes to be at the centre of attention. One of the best ways to keep things stimulating between you is to have the occasional short trip away together.

Sagittarius man's strongest Quality is Cardinal and Virgo woman's strongest Quality is Cardinal
Relationships between Cardinal personalities are dynamic and action orientated.

Both of you have your own ideas about what can and needs to be done.

As a pair you can achieve a lot together; however there will be struggles for dominance in the relationship. In this pairing we have the modern day 'power couple'.

Compatibility Astrology of Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman, September 2015

Sagittarius man's strongest Element is Air and Virgo woman's strongest Element is Fire
Relationships between Fire and Air personalities are rarely dull.

Virgo woman is enthusiastic and ambitious and Sagittarius man loves ideas.

Together, you bounce off one another, share plans and become excited by possibilities.

Both are willing to take risks and make changes. Problems can arise between you, however, through a lack of practicality.

You enjoy spending money together and are happy to splash out on gifts for one another.

Entertainment, culture, wining and dining can give you both a lot of pleasure. He can either help or hinder your finances, so there is the need for moderation when required.

You can't help but feel Virgo woman's presence in your domestic environment.

If you live together - or even if you don't - he manages to exercise a controlling influence around the home. Your family may find him a bit hard to take, as they see him as dominating and controlling.