September 2015 Synastry Horoscope LIBRA man and TAURUS woman: Libra needs to develop a strong sense of self-understanding

Monthly Synastry love horoscope between  LIBRA man and TAURUS woman. September 2015 relationship forecast chart.

The love life of  Taurus woman is not simple. She can have a series of situations and permanent crises. Anger and strong doubt invite her into absurdity and incoherence.

Or there exists an enormous deception, or the fear of getting attached cause her to flee relationships.

At the beginning of their relationship Taurus and Libra are attracted by the novelty of each other, but this quickly wears off.

However, differences between Taurus and Libra are difficult to overcome. What follows is a discordant union. Their individual natures clash.
September 2015 Synastry Horoscope LIBRA man and TAURUS woman

What was once attractive becomes irritating and a cause of friction.

Both Taurus and Libra find it awkward to allow each other the independence needed to pursue their individual interests. The end result for an intimate bond depends on other aspects of the relationship.

However, this combination is a formidable one and could result in a love relationship breaking down unless Taurus and Libra find a way of following their independent paths within their association.

A friendship or work association also needs to provide plenty of scope for individual expression.

Taurus and Libra are likely to stumble across obstacles in this relationship because of unrealistic and overly idealistic expectations of each other.

It is difficult for them to maintain the heights of love first attained at the beginning of the relationship.

Misunderstandings can easily arise.

Compatibility Astrology of LIBRA man and TAURUS woman, September 2015 

After the first flush of love Taurus feels that her emotional needs are being ignored, that Libra does not understand her. It is even possible that Taurus feels that Libra is being deceptive in some manner.

There is a danger that Libra does feel the need to hide behind a facade, failing to be his true self.

Perhaps Libra feels that he cannot live up to Taurus's expectations.

Sometimes, we note that there exists a certain difference of age between Taurus and his partner. He is looking for perfection. Delicacy, tact, Libra is extremely sensitive to details.

When a relationship is not sufficiently established, it requires only a detail to cool him down. He does not accept a weakness on the side of his partner.

Prude, he can seem alarmed, although he aspires, in his heart, to leave his intellect in the cloakroom and let go completely, to give himself totally.