October 2015 SCORPIO Fortune HOROSCOPE: should not be too jealous or passionate, at this moment

October astrology zone horoscope for SCORPIO Relationships change in powerful ways. This can be positive, transforming and healing your life.

On the other hand someone important may alter your perspective in inconceivable ways. This can affect both personal and business associations.

This can be a very depleting and confusing time, when you do not know exactly what you want or you do not feel strong, capable, or effective.

Physically, you need to be gentle with yourself and take care not to dissipate your energy reserves.

Scorpio monthly horoscope reading October 2015 Your imagination can run wild now, and you want to act out a fantasy or strange desire - something you normally would have the good sense not to attempt.
october 2015 horoscope reading scorpio woman and man

However, if you are an artist, this is a very inspired, fertile time for you.

Scorpio is living a period where he glows. He receives at the same time recognition and warmth, enthusiasm and admiration.

Others appreciate his work and he works in art or something similar; it is a moment when he will be valued for his talent.

Clients or his hierarchy appreciate him.

This is a moment of recognition, Scorpio can be cited in a newspaper, etc., he shines in his own world, and brings attention to himself.

Scorpio's personal initiatives are in principle good and he feels a certain pride.

Your social calendar is also likely to expand, but more so through starting new courses or joining clubs or building a business network rather than purely for pleasurable outings.

Right now you have the chance to improve your network of associates, learn new skills and apply them to your daily life.

October 2015 forecast horoscope for Scorpio Irritations, conflicts with the people you relate to on a daily basis, and a generalized feeling of impatience or edginess characterize this period.

Because you are not feeling very obliging or compromising, this is not a good time to try to come to
an agreement with another.

However, you need to get your grievances out in the open; otherwise the tension builds up to an
unmanageable level.

With Venus in the House VIII, desires, in particular sensual ones, are strong. Scorpio wants and needs fullness, but he must beware of interior agitation that can push him into errors. One should not be too jealous or passionate, at this moment.