October 2015 LIBRA Fortune HOROSCOPE: When one door closes, another door opens

October 2015 LIBRA horoscope reading for love, money, health

It is an unsettling time right now. You may feel like life is changing faster than you can keep up with it.

Your personal relationships and your finances are likely to be the most unpredictable areas of your life.

Libra October 2015 forecast astrology The current changes may be welcome ones, sparking fresh opportunities such as a new relationship or a novel pastime.

On the other hand you may feel upset by circumstances beyond your control. Someone or something is disturbing you.
October 2015 LIBRA horoscope reading for love, money, health

Either way you need to remain flexible. Refusing to accept the changes will make matters harder.

Soon you will be able to see the advantages such as more freedom and independence and a greater sense of fun and joy.

You might enjoy a new hobby in the field of technology, science or metaphysics.

Horoscope zone Libra October, 2015 You may feel weighed down by your own or other people's expectations.

It is time for you to apply yourself to the practicalities rather than the emotions.

Focusing on your feelings is not productive right now.

When you feel overwhelmed by the alterations in your life remind yourself of the adage: "When one door closes, another door opens".

You need to take time to gain insight into the emotional and spiritual communications that occur between your and those close to you. You may be given the opportunity to help others.

If your behaviour has been harmful, either to yourself or to loved ones, then you are now being called on to show compassion.