October 2015 LEO Fortune HOROSCOPE: Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now

October 2015 LEO horoscope reading for love, money, health

Rich imagination, fantasy, tendency to follow up sudden ideas, inspiration, premonition of coming events, comprehension of things on an intellectual and spiritual plane.

You are feeling frustrated in your relationships with loved ones, particularly with women. It could seem that there are barriers that stop you being close to your loved ones or you could feel isolated and unable to scale the walls that surround you emotionally.

October 2015 Horoscope predictions for LEO

Dreams, wishes, and fantasies about love are strong now, and you may be infatuated with someone you meet at this time, only to be disappointed later when you discover this person does not fulfill all of your expectations.
october 2015 leo monthly horsocope oracle reading

You are simply not seeing people objectively now. Your imagination is very active and creative however and so is your yearning for something beautiful.

The artist in you emerges, and your creations please and inspire you.

You have reached a kind of halfway point in your career and pursuits, and you seek a high level of freedom and creativity in your life.

This is an excellent time to begin incorporating creative elements into your life that you previously have not had the time for.

You are asked to discard old habits in favour of new and more healthy ways of expressing yourself.

October 2015 Leo forecast horoscope reading

It is possible that you suffer an illness which forces you to consider your lifestyle and make appropriate changes. If you are able to make the necessary changes, then you can approach life with renewed vigour.

Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now. Your judgement is sound.

Making worthwhile professional contacts, reaching out to others who can help you in your work, and taking care of business in an orderly, clear way are also likely.

Beware of your own gloom at this time. You may feel that many areas of your life have failed leaving you with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

There is a reason for these negative thoughts and feelings. This transit is demanding that you see your life in a different light, a more spiritual rather than physical light.