October 2015 CANCER Fortune HOROSCOPE: Life is full of many rewards right now.

October 2015 Astrology Horoscope for Cancer zodiac

Conflicting emotions abound during this period. Some events may seem to be very upsetting and yet contrarily also very healing.

Dreams, meditation and creative visualisation can be very powerful right now.

It is important that you take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to listen to your intuition.

If you can take time to reflect and nurture yourself then you are likely to reap large rewards.

This can be a time of mystical inspiration, imparting the opportunity to access universal love and creativity.

Compassion and being of assistance to others are often focal points, and you may find that you empathize more with other people, especially those who are close to you.

Cancer horoscope forecast, October 2015 Metaphysical concepts or religious interests could appeal to you, and you may become involved with a group or meet a special teacher to further your understanding in these areas.

Generally, this transit suggests that you should avoid gambling or over-idealizing someone for your expectations could be rather lofty.

These rewards are unlikely to be monetary. They are more likely to be of an emotional or spiritual nature.

For instance you may feel a soothing awareness that you have been able to let go of past hurts and have rejuvenated your sense of purpose.

On the other hand you may develop a deep appreciation of your existing lifestyle and relationships.

October 2015 Transit horoscope for Cancer This can be a trying time if you have a tendency to form rigid patterns and structures in your life.

This October 2015 transit is essentially a test of your ability to embrace necessary changes of your traditional ways.

If you have reaped a certain level of notoriety and success, this can also be a test of how you balance it with your level of independence.

Without the necessary balance, you could experience some degree of conflict.