Love Horoscope September 2015 VIRGO Man & ARIES Woman: Aries and Virgo have formed a bond based on a shared sense of grief or loss

September synastry astrology zone Virgo man and Aries woman 

This is the height of romantic love. However, with romantic love there is always the possibility of disillusionment.

Aries woman and Virgo man are likely to stumble across obstacles in this relationship because of unrealistic and overly idealistic expectations of each other.

It is difficult for them to maintain the heights of love first attained at the beginning of the relationship.

Misunderstandings can easily arise. After the first flush of love Aries woman feels that her emotional needs are being ignored, that Virgo man does not understand her.

It is even possible that Aries woman feels that Virgo man is being deceptive in some manner.

Love Horoscope September 2015 VIRGO Man  ARIES Woman

Both Aries woman and Virgo man are committed to their association. It is likely that they experienced a strong attraction in the initial stages of their relationship, and it is likely to be long lasting.
When Aries woman and Virgo man first meet they each know they have discovered a potential serious relationship, one to which they can commit and build on over a lifetime.

September 2015 relationship horoscope  VIRGO Man & ARIES Woman

If they believe in reincarnation, then it is likely that they feel a karmic attraction, a moment of recognition when they first look into the other person's eyes.

However, the very qualities, which they seriously considered as attractive in the initial stages of the relationship, can become the source of friction if they are not careful.

 If Aries woman and Virgo man share the same drive and ambition then they can successfully overcome past failures and progress in their lives together.

Together they bring an element of play and laughter into areas of their lives that were previously weighed down with pain and angst.

Together their activities take on a new glow. They may share an interest in the healing arts or in teaching.