Love Horoscope August 2015 VIRGO Man & SCORPIO Woman: Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman love compatibility appears to have the best potential

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Love, August

The Virgo Scorpio couple bring balance to each other’s life and the stability that they both look for.

The Virgo Scorpio couple bring balance to each other’s life and the stability that they both look for.

In astrology Mars is the planet of drive and determination whereas the Moon is the planet of feelings. When these two planets form certain patterns the combination can be volatile.

In this case there is a lot of friction in the relationship.

VIRGO is likely to feel overpowered by Scorpio. VIRGO often wonders why he is so easily upset by Scorpio.
Love Horoscope August 2015 VIRGO Man SCORPIO Woman

No matter how hard he tries to calm his emotions Scorpio just seems to trigger heated feelings.

VIRGO feels a strong attraction to Scorpio, but he is also aware that this is a troubled association. It is likely that VIRGO believes that Scorpio lacks sensitivity to his feelings.

Scorpio also senses the friction, but is perhaps not so bothered by it. Scorpio is more concerned because at times VIRGO seems like a wet blanket.

Scorpio's patience is tested because she feels that she has to console VIRGO's feelings before she can achieve her goals in life.

The Scorpio woman is a born leader while he is ambitious and determined, and this creates a strong match.

Their home life will be very comfortable, and they can trust each to make rational decisions.

Scorpio also feels a certain excitement in this association, but is aware that the tension can be an obstacle to fulfilment.

If both VIRGO and Scorpio are aware of the problems and face them with honesty then an understanding can be reached and a rewarding relationship result.

When this occurs both VIRGO and Scorpio begin to feel that their lives have become more effervescent with the advent of this relationship.

This combination is most difficult for a deeply personal relationship such as marriage or a close personal friendship.

It can be advantageous for a working relationship that requires a lot of hard work and energy. For instance, building a house together may be a good way of using the energy of this combination.

The Virgo man Scorpio Woman in love can build that reassurance thus creating a harmonized living environment.