January 1 Capricorn Birthday Horoscope forecast 2016: Women will not be too receptive to you today

January 2016 Capricorn birthday horoscope reading

You are thinking in broad terms now and are keen to expand your horizon. You can increase your level of communicating with people now as your ideas will be productive and sought by others.

You are likely to find yourself absorbing a lot of information under this influece. This is also a good time to travel.

This is not a good day to make judgements or assessments of any situation. You may feel capable, but are somehow being more exaggerated than you should be at this time.

You may even be a little overbearing now. Do not make binding contracts under this aspect.

Insights into your deeper, more spiritual nature are available to you during this period of time. You may be able to discover whole new areas of your psyche or mind that have been closed up to now. Insights into dreams and ideals.

january 1 birthday horoscope forecast prediction
January 1, 2016 horoscope chart
Tropical sign horoscope January 1, 2016
Sun         10 Capricorn 29 X
Moon         2 Libra 35 VI   (89%)
Venus        2 Sagittarius 40 VIII  
Mars        28 Libra 50 VII
Jupiter     23 Virgo 09 VI
Saturn      11 Sgr 12 VIII  
Uranus      16 Aries 34 XII
Neptune      7 Pisces 33 XII
Pluto       15 Capricorn 04 X
N. Pole     24 Virgo 52 VI                
S. Pole     24 Pisces 52 XII              
Hiron       17 Pisces 29 XII              
Proserpina  20 Scorpio 29 VII              
Selena      15 Pisces 11 XII              
Lilith      14 Libra 19 VI                

January 1 Capricorn Horoscope planetary relationship
Conjunction    Sun-Pluto            >4°50'<
Quadrature     Sun-Lilith           >86°11'<
Trine          Moon-Mercury         <117°02'>
Quadrature     Mercury-Mars         <90°49'>
Trine          Mercury-N. Pole      <124°45'>
Quadrature     Venus-Neptune        >94°55'<
Conjunction    Jupiter-N. Pole      >2°07'<
Opposition     Jupiter-S. Pole      >178°17'<
Quadrature     Saturn-Neptune       <86°23'>
Quadrature     Saturn-Selena        <93°59'>
Quadrature     Uranus-Pluto         >91°31'<
Opposition     Uranus-Lilith        >177°45'<
Quadrature     Pluto-Lilith         >90°44'<
Trine          S. Pole-Proserpina   >124°23'<
Trine          Hiron-Proserpina     >117°04'<
Conjunction    Hiron-Selena         >4°53'<