CAPRICORN December 30 Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017: You may have a hard-to-control love drive

Forecast Horoscope for December 2016 to December 2017 if You Were Born Today, December 30

You have trouble appreciating or feeling comfortable with your emotions, especially when with others.

Your particular set of values and appreciation may provoke confrontations with others. You don't care how they may be feeling, and they may not be very supportive of some of your own values.

You are not noted for your great sense of discrimination when it comes to your surroundings including the environment you live in.
CAPRICORN December 30 2016 Horoscope Chart
30 December 2016 Horoscope Chart

You don't care much for psychology, customs, and traditional values, in general.

Things should be going well!  You'll feel on top of the world.  This is the time to start those new projects, to assert yourself and to begin anew.

There is strong positive energy here. You will work well with others, and will enjoy socializing.  Get your affairs into good shape while luck is flowing with you, and there are few obstacles.

You'll face challenges later on, depending upon what good use you make of the energies and opportunities available to you now.

You are more occupied with business matters at this time, and with other issues of a practical nature.

There will be a lot of talking, letter writing, and actively conveying your ideas to others.  You mind is clear, and you can concentrate.

It's a good time to make plans, start new business and to travel.

You may have a hard-to-control love drive, or maybe this is the time a new love interest emerges.

Regardless of this, you will be actively seeking pleasure.

December 2016 Capricorn Planetary Relationship
  • Conjunction    Sun-Mercury          <4°40'>
  • Trine          Sun-N. Pole          <124°22'>
  • Trine          Sun-Selena           <117°20'>
  • Quadrature     Moon-Jupiter         <90°17'>
  • Quadrature     Moon-Uranus          <89°25'>
  • Trine          Mercury-N. Pole      >120°39'<
  • Trine          Mercury-Selena       <121°07'>
  • Trine          Venus-Jupiter        <124°46'>
  • Quadrature     Venus-Proserpina     <94°44'>
  • Quadrature     Venus-Lilith         <91°03'>
  • Conjunction    Mars-Neptune         >1°24'<
  • Opposition     Mars-N. Pole         <176°25'>
  • Conjunction    Mars-S. Pole         <3°41'>
  • Opposition     Jupiter-Uranus       <179°35'>
  • Quadrature     Jupiter-Pluto        <85°55'>
  • Trine          Saturn-Uranus        <119°22'>
  • Quadrature     Saturn-Hiron         <89°54'>
  • Quadrature     Uranus-Pluto         >93°40'<
    December 30 2017 Capricorn Forecast Chart
  • Opposition     Neptune-N. Pole      <175°>
  • Trine          N. Pole-Selena       <118°17'>
  • Trine          Hiron-Proserpina     <120°08'>
  • Trine          Hiron-Lilith         <116°10'>
December 2017 Capricorn Planetary Relationship
  • Conjunction    Sun-Venus            >2°24'<
  • Conjunction    Sun-Lilith           <4°37'>
  • Quadrature     Mercury-Neptune      <85°27'>
  • Trine          Mercury-N. Pole      <120°59'>
  • Conjunction    Venus-Lilith         <3°53'>
  • Conjunction    Mars-Jupiter         >3°30'<
  • Trine          Mars-Neptune         <118°44'>
  • Quadrature     Mars-N. Pole         >87°39'<
  • Quadrature     Mars-S. Pole         >92°21'<
  • Trine          Jupiter-Neptune      <115°13'>
  • Quadrature     Jupiter-N. Pole      <91°09'>
  • Quadrature     Jupiter-S. Pole      <88°50'>
  • Conjunction    Jupiter-Proserpina   >4°56'<
  • Opposition     Saturn-Selena        >176°37'<
  • Trine          Hiron-Proserpina     <123°10'>
  • Quadrature     Hiron-Selena         <93°17'>