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Astrology School Tropical Versus Sidereal: Vedic astrology use the sidereal zodiac

The 12 zodiac signs are perhaps the most widely known, most widely discussed and analyzed astrological influence. There are many astrology books that provide an excellent treatment of the zodiac signs.

Despite the fact that the zodiac sign are widely used, astrologers do not agree as to what zodiac signs to use. As explained in earlier lessons, some astrologers use the sidereal zodiac rather than the more commonly used tropical zodiac.

Consequently, one astrologer says that your Sun is in Aries and you therefore are pioneering independent and aggressive while the other says it is in Pisces and you have a more passive personality. Certainly, we would expect that if astrologers were not deluding themselves, they they should be able to agree on which zodiac is more correct.
Astrology Free School Tropical Versus Sidereal Horoscope

The Sidereal Zodiac has origins which disappear in the mists of antiquity. Also called the Fixed zodiac, it aligns, and keeps aligned, each sign with the constellation from which it took its name. In factoring in precession, signs of sidereal astrology are tied to the sidereal year.

The Tropical Zodiac keeps its 0° Aries linked with the calendric Spring Equinox. In basing its signs in the solar year, tropical astrology, therefore, disconnects the signs from the constellations from which they were derived.

Some astrologers believe both zodiacs are correct and use both in different ways, but most astrologers use the tropical zodiac and have not found sufficiently compelling evidence that the sidereal zodiac is important enough to use in their chart interpretations despite the exhortations of their siderealists colleagues that the tropical zodiac is incorrect.

The tropical versus sidereal debate underscores my belief that astrology is still in its infancy. we should not arrogantly scoff at ideas of experienced astrologers that contradict our long held beliefs.

Also, do not assume that all of the widely accepted ideas on astrological meaning are correct. Keep mental notes of the meanings that appear to really work, and hold off opinions on the others. If astrologers cannot agree on what zodiac sign a planet is in, then certainly some of their long-held beliefs can be wrong.

Fortunately,almost every astrologer does agree on some of the ways in which the planets are likely to affect us, but on the details of how the planet's influence brings about the particular behavior in people, and the ways in which other astrological influences affect us there are many different opinions.

Given below are some comments on the zodiac signs. An exhaustive treatment of the zodiac signs is not given. Instead, a few comments are made to show that not all of the commonly held ideas on the zodiac signs are agreed upon by all astrologers.

Overall, there is good agreement but there are some differing opinions on the details. No doubt there are many other alternative ideas that are not mentioned hare, and new insights that will be gained in the future, that are more accurate than the ideas presented here.

Just as with planets, we will search for a unifying principle that accounts for the different attributes that are ascribed to the zodiac signs.