Astro WIKI: Beatrice Borromeo birth Horoscope Reading - sense of values and beauty are different

WIKI: Pierre Casiraghi, dashing (and occasionally bashing) son of Princess Caroline of Monaco, the eldest daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, is set to wed Italian aristocrat Beatrice Borromeo in Italy on Saturday 25, 2015.

Beatrice Borromeo (born on August 18, 1985, San Candido) is a member of the ancient aristocratic House of Borromeo, and she is well known in the Italian news media as a television personality.

Astrology Zone: Beatrice Borromeo birth Horoscope predictions

Beatrice Borromeo undergoes emotions which seem to go against the normal. Her sense of values, very personal, is different from most people's. Interior beauty touches her more than external beauty. 

She reacts differently from others, and her need for security is also different. It is for this that relationships cause her problems.
Beatrice Borromeo birth Horoscope

She goes out towards others later in her existence. Before her love affairs are either too intense, or not intense enough, until she ceases to not assume her needs. Histrionics are not rare as Venus retrogrades in the sky. 

Histrionics manifests itself through wanting that which she has not and not wanting that which she has, acting always in contradiction. 

A certain awkwardness and a lack of self confidence pushes her to close in on herself. 

The satisfaction of her desires and emotional needs is quite complicated to obtain, she gives up on certain satisfactions, joys and happiness by expending too much energy to obtain them. 

She can isolate herself when she feels she is not understood. She can also receive deformed images of others, making her pass for someone precious.

She is not a materialist, her sense of values and beauty are different. She should take care not to get closed into a form of confused marginality, she must revise her values to go onto others. 

If she refuses too much pleasure, or if she doesn't learn to love herself, she risks becoming embittered. 

A small interior voice of blame can push her to believe that she is worthless, or direct her towards a narcissism which will deprive her of real affection.

Beatrice Borromeo is wise and subtle. Her spirit, that of an eternal student, who likes to stay abreast of everything happening around her. She is not lacking ideas and formulates them very well. She needs just a little more neutrality to pass on her ideas. 

Beatrice Borromeo likes phrases that carry and that resume perfectly the situation. She plays all the time, and adores imaginative metaphors. 

Disciplined, but she does wastes a lot in nervous energy. 

If she can put some distance between what she is trying to communicate, she becomes someone who is wise, and who people seek out for her advice.