2016 Love Horoscope Forecast: the hottest combinations of signs

The love horoscope of a person indicates the probability of possible matrimony. 

Horoscope indicates towards the chance of getting well with social and personal relationships like friendship and love.

What is the best mate for you? Astrologers have made the strongest combinations of signs. Find out yourself what suits you!

2016 Love compatibility: Leo woman - Leo man

Leo woman love because she's beautiful mistress herself. If you're not skillful enough, you will not be able to conquer. But man Leo knows exactly what to do to please them either.

2016 Love compatibility: Virgo woman - Gemini Man

Virgo woman is very demanding and wants to be a leader. If you like, Gemini man will have patience with her and will help her in all her problems.

2016 Love compatibility: Libra woman - Pisces man
Libra woman hates to take orders. But Pisces man knows how to convince. He praise and extol so Libra woman will ever be ready for it.

2016 Love compatibility: Scorpio woman - Capricorn man

Scorpio woman is fierce, but Capricorn man is wise. Because she is with a partner who knows how to communicate, Scorpio woman will not struggle to solve a problem. She will talk about it.

2016 Love compatibility: Capricorn woman - Libra man

Capricorn woman get excited very quickly and the man Libra balances the situation quickly. In addition, it will encourage Capricorn Libra man, and their relationship will be very prosperous.

2016 Love compatibility: Sagittarius woman - Aries man

Aries man loves to take care of people and he would love to help a beautiful woman. And Sagittarius woman is a beautiful woman that Aries man will want to marry her.

2016 Love compatibility: Aquarius woman - Sagittarius man

Aquarius woman is liberated and provides freedom so much as it wants hers. Therefore make the perfect team with the higher Sagittarius man who feels more connected to someone, the more he wants to escape.

2016 Love compatibility: Pisces woman - Scorpio man

Pisces woman posing in a sensitive person and free help and Scorpio man is ready to assume responsibility. When Pisces woman does not know what to do, man Scorpio is there to save.

2016 Love compatibility: Taurus Woman  - Virgo Man 

Taurus women want a man who answer "present" their every request. Virgo man is most happy to help, so women feel that is a queen. Regardless of its demands, he will be willing to undertake.

2016 Love compatibility: Aries Woman - Cancer Man

Aries women are enterprising, hard working and often forgets to take care of them. Cancer man is very helpful and will assist whenever needed. One will support in everything he does.