WIKI: Natal Horoscope Andreja Pejic Transgender Model - be aware of compulsive behavior and do not risk losing too much

Celebrity Astrology Horoscope Analysis: Andreja Pejic

WIKI: Andreja Pejic was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina and has one older brother, Igor. Pejic's mother, Jadranka Savic is a Bosnian Serb, and Pejic's father, Vlado Pejic, is a Bosnian Croat.

In September 2014, Pejic announced plans on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to create a film about her reassignment surgery and life as a transgender woman. Pejic started off with a modest projected goal of $40,000, ultimately exceeding the target funding goal.

Pejic became the first openly transgender model profiled by Vogue, in its May 2015 issue.

Make Up For Ever just revealed its first social brand campaign—the "Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You." campaign promoting self-expression—and it stars none other than transgender model Andreja Pejic, alongside Once Upon a Time actress Jamie Chung.

Natal Horoscope Forecast Andreja Pejic (28 August 1991)

For those born under the earth sign of Virgo, work may play the central role in your existence. Such work is often of a service or health-related nature. If this is not so and ill health befalls you, perhaps you should consider a task in life that suits your temperament and soul's desire.
astrology wiki Andreja Pejic natal horoscope forecast

Since the planet Mercury is assigned to Virgo, you are essentially searching for knowledge that will allow your ideals to be put to practical use. You have a sense of pride in achievements and little or no patience with beauty that has no function.

You are diligent, analytical, meticulous, and industrious, although at times you may be finicky, worrisome, and a procrastinator.

You like to create order from chaos and may analyze your surroundings down to the smallest detail. At times you may get so caught up in the details that you can't see the forest for the trees.

With experience, you can learn to differentiate between essential facts and trivial details. Yet, you should avoid the tendency to mistake your efficient intellectual capacities for divine knowledge.

You should also be careful that you do not narrow your focus too much. You may find it impossible to talk of anything but your job and lose all interest in things unconnected with your working environment.

As you become more experienced, you may learn that people do not have to exhaust their bodies with anxiety, worry, suffering, and too much work -- this can lead to health problems. Nonetheless, you have an excellent natural resistance to illness.

Natural foods taken in the correct combination will greatly help you. On the other hand, if anxiety and concern over health runs high, you are likely to be something of a hypochondriac.

With Mars in Virgo you possess an efficient capability in those areas of work which require attention to detail. Experienced craftsmen, such as precision engineers, often have Mars in an earth sign, especially in Virgo.

Mars can apply itself here in decisive and dexterous ways if you enjoy working with precision tools. Health is also attributed to Virgo, and you could be talented in some area of medicine. Surgeons often have Mars in this position of their horoscopes.

You like to proceed carefully and systematically in your undertakings. You insist on a well-organized work atmosphere. You will attempt little without solidly planning it first. You would prefer to come across as an exacting person.

Sometimes your perfectionist attitudes make it difficult for you to produce finished products.

Protect yourself from exaggerated, overly-involved and overly-critical actions, particularly when it comes to matters of method and accuracy. A bit more tolerance would be good for you.

If Mars is challengingly positioned in Virgo, it may lead to differences of opinion in the work place which could even reach the point of endangering cooperation.

Strangely, when you are critical of others, you are dumbfounded by their anger or unpleasant reaction.