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Celebrity Astrology Horoscope: Jared Leto

Wiki: Jared Leto (born December 26, 1971) is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and director.

Leto lives a vegan lifestyle and supports animal rights.In 2008, he supported the California Proposition 2 regarding treatment of farm animals.

In 2012, Leto became an investor in Surf Air, a California-based air service. Jared Leto is also a funder for Reddit and Robinhood Markets.

Jared Leto Astrology Forecast Zone

1. Jared Leto - Sun in Capricorn

You have a serious nature, with a marked sense of reality about life. You recognize that anything worth pursuing requires self-discipline and hard work.
Jared Leto Natal Horoscope Forecast
Jared Leto Birth Chart

Naturally conservative, you have a strong sense of right and wrong and of correct and proper behavior. Tenacity and endurance usually reward you with desired successes.

You are ambitious for material security and like to see concrete results for your efforts. You are quite self-contained and it can take you a long time to get to know new people.

You occasionally feel alone in life or detached from others. Ever practical, you have a talent for business management.

2. Jared Leto - Ascendant in Aries

Your primary motivation in life is to attain power and recognition. You are straightforward, direct and have an energetic and active personality.

You are self-assured, assertive, self-reliant and self-motivated, but also fiery, quick-tempered, aggressive and uncooperative if others get in your way or try to prevent you from achieving your objectives.

While you have natural leadership qualities you can lack foresight and follow-through. You must always be busy.

The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.

3. Jared Leto - Pluto in 6th House

You have the capability to throw yourself wholeheartedly into your work. As either an employer or an employee, you have a low tolerance for slackers on the job.

You can expect power struggles at work, by occasionally coming across as overly critical, hard to please or overbearing. Your general health and well-being are dependent on your emotional state and dietary habits.

4. Jared Leto - 7th House Cusp in Libra

The types of people you are drawn to and attract tend to be intelligent, cultured, socially aware and easy to get along with.

While you seek equality and fairness in your relationships, you invariably try to get things your own way.

As you can be quite demanding in your personal relationships, you need a partner who is adaptable and able to meet you halfway.

5. Jared Leto - Uranus in Libra

You have progressive and original views on personal relationships and partnerships, coupled with the urge for independence and freedom of expression in love.

You are inclined to emphasize friendship between lovers and to discourage the view that partners own one another.