WIKI: Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope Prediction - great powers of perseverance and tenacity

WIKI: Say goodbye to Bruce Jenner and hello to Caitlyn! 

The reality star's transformation into a woman appeared to be complete as she posed in a scantily-clad corset for Vanity Fair's July 2015 cover.

Reintroduced as a woman, Caitlyn Jenner showed off her toned body in a stunning photo shoot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The tell-all interview and stunning photographs hit the newsstands on June 9, 2015.

Caitlyn Jenner (born October 28, 1949), formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American former track and field athlete and current television personality.

Many news sources have described Jenner as the most famous openly transgender person in the world.
 Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope Chart Reading

1.Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope: Ascendant in Pisces

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You have an abundance of feeling and are sensitive to what is happening in and around you. You easily pick-up on the mood of the environment and also influence it by your actions.

Quite possibly, you have psychic ability. You interact with others emotionally and are generally non-confrontational. Innately creative and imaginative, you have an appreciation of the arts, music and nature.

You occasionally need to take "time out" by retreating into yourself, or by spending time in seclusion. There can be an attraction to intoxicants and stimulants, plus a danger of drifting aimlessly in life.

2. Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope: Ascendant Square Venus (6z58' A)

You have a pleasant and friendly personality that other people find attractive and alluring. You possess physical appeal, a charming nature, sophistication and a good fashion sense.

You may have artistic talents; you will certainly have an appreciation of the arts and culture. You have good taste and an eye for style and design.

Negatively, you can be vain, superficial and inclined to foster contacts with the 'right' people to advance your own interests.

3. Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope: Moon's North Node in 1st House

Your karmic lesson is to live life on your own terms. It is important to maintain personal freedom, even at the risk of appearing self-centred or selfish. The greater your self-awareness, the more in touch you are with yourself and others.

4. Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope:  Moon's North Node Opposition Mercury (3z50' S)
You are motivated by the need to establish intellectual and mentally stimulating connections in life. Your associates are likely to be business people, academics, students, teachers or philosophers.

Clear communication in your relationships is of primary importance to you. Misunderstandings between people are possible through miscommunications or wrong thinking.

5. Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope: 3rd House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 9th House

You are curious about spiritual and religious matters and will have many philosophical discussions in life. You are interested in other cultures and may travel extensively. Early and tertiary education is important to you.

6. 4th House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 7th House

Your family may influence your personal or professional relationships by holding others in judgement. Equally, your partners are likely to have their own opinions about your family.

It is possible that there are some aspects of your personal life that you prefer to keep private from your partners or the general public.

7. Caitlyn Jenner Natal Horoscope:  Sun Square Moon (1z21' S)
You desire inner harmony. However, you often feel discontented and tense. At times, your drive for recognition can override your emotional needs and vice versa. 

Your relationships with the opposite sex are occasionally strained. There may be discord between your parents.