TAROT READING for PISCES August 2015 - This is a good time to assess the level of balance in your relationships

Tarot cards sayings for Pisces on August 2015 This is certainly a time to exercise some caution or patience regarding eccentric and willful behavior, rather than zestfully pursuing some lofty goal or ideal.

It is a time to try to achieve balance between your responsibilities and your need to break free. It is a fairly common effect that, with this transit, some event occurs which is totally out of the blue.

 It is a time to be practical, focused, and humble--rather than a time to be the center of everyone's attention. If you feel restless, be aware of adopting a slapdash or smug attitude.

A balanced form of confidence in your mind would be one free from fear and arrogant imposition. Confidence is essentially a clear and focused mind.

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August 2015 Pisces free tarot predictions This should normally be a fortunate moment in your life, often symbolized by the natal Ascendant zodiac sign.

If you are able to project a warm zeal into the world, your relationships with others will benefit greatly.

This period often denotes a new air of freedom and opportunity in which success can be grasped. Prophetic glimpses into the future are not uncommon with this transit, which occur through dreams or intuitive insights.

However, if your natal Ascendant is afflicted in any way, there is a possibility that you will ignore a great opportunity through indifference.

Expand your thoughts as best you can and have faith in yourself, rather than becoming too reclusive.

Pisces August 2015 tarot cards forecast This is a good time to meditate on clearer thinking.

If you experience a change for the worse in any of your five senses, it could be a warning sign for you need to take extra care.

In some cases, this warning sign could come too late, if you have exposed yourself to loud music or noise or eaten too much spicy food.

If a visual problem is evident, try to wait until the transit is over before obtaining a prescription.

Pisces monthly tarot cards reading This period can invigorate a sense of responsibility towards your partner. This is a good time to assess the level of balance in your relationships.

Discussing individual needs and those of your partner can greatly enhance understanding and commitment. There can be the occasional opportunity at work or in your outer world activities.