September 2015 VIRGO Fortune HOROSCOPE: your approach to work will undergo many changes

September 2015 VIRGO astrology zone One of the most noticeable effects of this transit is financial pressure and worry. You will be more concerned about your economic situation than usual.

While you may fear it, you won't necessarily experience undue financial hardship - unless you have been careless with your money in the past.

Whatever your financial situation, it won't hurt to tighten your belt during this transit.

Positively, this can be a good time for making careful investments that take a long time to mature.

For the duration of this transit your approach to work will undergo many changes. If you work for yourself, you will try out new working methods and make use of technological advances.

September VIRGO sign oracle prediction If you employ people, there may be sudden and unexpected problems associated with staff.

If you work for someone, you could change jobs frequently during this period.
september 2015 virgo astrology horoscope forecast

During this period your home-life will not seem straightforward or certain.

There may be confusion surrounding your place of residence or regarding members of your family. You could move around a lot; finding it difficult to put down roots.

During this phase your attention will be focused on your career and public reputation. This can be a period of great success in the aforementioned areas, but it will equate to the amount of energy you put into them.

September VIRGO monthly horoscope reading Expect to advance in life now and to receive acknowledgement and recognition for your efforts.

Your work may become more international in some way at this time.

Your friends become your supporters and your supporters become your friends now. There is a lot you can achieve for yourself and others, by gathering the best and right people around you.

You will enjoy social activity more than usual now, and it will be to your advantage to cultivate connections with particular groups or societies.