September 2015 PISCES Fortune HOROSCOPE: Comfort in your home and family is a key feature of this period

September 2015 PISCES Fortune forecast This can be a confusing time in your professional life when your confidence is shaken. In the past you may have held tightly to certain ambitions for your career, which now seem pointless.

It may be that you have reached a pinnacle in your professional life and social status, which does not hold the allure that you once sought.

You may even feel tempted to give up everything. In some cases you could find yourself temporarily unemployed and directionless.

Do not despair. The lesson of this transit is indeed to reassess your goals in the light of your higher purpose rather than personal ambitions.

It is a good time to consider the more spiritual aspects to your career such as your gift to humanity or how you can serve through your career rather than how it can serve you.

In some cases you may find your professional life does begin to reflect a spiritual or artistic theme during this transit.

September 2015 PISCES Horoscope Reading Relationships with other people are a source of frustration. There is nothing specific that you can identify.

It is more a sense that your relationships with individuals and groups of people are not quite all that they should be.

Perhaps you feel that you would like to seek the comfort of old affiliations, but for some reason do not seem to be able to rely on former friendships.

You may even feel anti-social, more in the mood to reassess your personal and business relationships than to mix.

You would do well to wait until you are in a better frame of mind before making any final decisions and to focus ahead rather than look back.

September 2015 PISCES Fortune Horoscope This is a beneficial time for reflecting on your personal goals with a view to making life more comfortable.

You may feel the urge to move to larger and more accommodating surroundings, or to expand your existing home.

Opportunities to spend time with loved ones may also arise. Your efforts to improve your home environment will also have benefits for your general sense of well-being.