September 2015 AQUARIUS Fortune HOROSCOPE: can be a somewhat dreamy and romantic time for you

Aquarius Monthly Forecast Horoscope, September, 2015  During this transit your focus will be on succeeding in your work and improving your overall health and fitness.

Your relations with your co-workers or employees should be relatively good now and, in general, you should enjoy your work throughout this period.

During this period you will probably feel the need for more solitude and time out from the busyness of daily living.

This can be a good phase in your life for connecting with the inner Self through reflection and meditation.

You may feel inspired to help those who are needy and down on their luck, by involving yourself in charity work.
September 2015 AQUARIUS Fortune Astrology Horoscope

September 2015 AQUARIUS Fortune Horoscope At a personal level, it would be wise to moderate your intake of intoxicants and stimulants now, as these could cause mental confusion and anxiety.

You may worry that you are not getting your financial share, in either a personal or professional partnership.

Thus, this can be an excellent time for establishing guidelines determining who is entitled to what.

This is not the best time for seeking loans from others, such as lending institutions, because you mightn't get a good repayment arrangement.

Nor is it a good time to cross swords with the Tax Department!

You may be prone to worry and anxiety during this period. Separations from others are possible now.

September 2015 AQUARIUS Forecast This can be a somewhat dreamy and romantic time for you. You may become mildly infatuated with another or someone may have idealistic thoughts about you.

Either way, it is more likely to be pleasant and amusing than deceptive or disillusioning.

Yet, if other factors support it, spiritual love can occur now. Romance aside, this configuration advantages anyone who is artistically gifted or inclined.

Music, the visual arts, painting, dance, theater and fashion can all flourish during this transit.