LOVE Spell to attract a certain person during summer solstice June 21

Energy of summer solstice, is considered to be a force that stirs passion, vitality, creativity and abundance.

Since ancient times, it was believed that the magic practiced during the summer solstice has the gift to materialize desires or aspirations seemingly impossible.

Love Spell during solstice June 21

This ritual of love, stemming from Wicca, requires the following items: rose petals, pink quartz crystal, transparent quartz crystal, a blue crystal quartz, emerald, jade stone, one garnet and amber .

Take the left hand, quartz is transparent and delivers:
"Whether to receive and give love as pure as the first snow."

Allow down transparent quartz crystal and quartz clutched in his left hand blue, it said:
"Whether to receive and give love as serene as the calm waters!"

Waived quartz crystal blue and the left hand is taken into jade stone, then says:
"Whether to receive and give love as warm sunlight that."

Instead jade left hand is contained with emerald and pronounced:
"Whether to receive and give love as strong as an oak!"

He sat down and taken into emerald garnet hand, then speaks:
"Whether to receive and give love as bright that fire!"

Repeat the procedure with amber, it said:
"Whether to be open to love and defend my love to my boyfriend!"

Thereafter, pink quartz comprises left hand, say-is: "May you always be comprised of love, just as I love surround her lover."

They kiss 3 times pink quartz crystal and, after gathering together all the stones and rose petals, it says:
"My love is strong and is near to everything they do,
I will always love I need,
Love is the presence in everything I do! "

Stones and petals are then summarized with both hands, while the practitioner focuses on identifying ritual with love. The stones shook hands 3 times and place, along with some rose petals in a Bags.

If this ritual was held in a room, the remaining petals to be scattered outside, so be blown and intensify love.

When in full moon, remove the stones are included in the bag and hands. If the ritual was done with a pink quartz pendant, it must be borne by the owner.

All you had to do is believe!