JUNE 29, 2015 Horoscope Forecast ASPECTS OF THE MOON for CANCER sign


1. QUINCUNX THE SUN  Orb 1°53' Applying

You are being challenged to integrate your ego and emotions.

You will need to adjust the way you view your feelings, or the way you express yourself in order to feel at ease.

2. CONJUNCTION SATURN  Orb 6°27' Separating

Although others may not realise it, you are painfully shy and lacking in self- confidence.

This stems from a lack of warmth and affection from a parent-figure, probably mother, when you were a small child.

As you grow older and work on your self-esteem you will build yourself a lasting maturity.

3. SQUARE NEPTUNE  Orb 4°07' Applying
june 29 2015 horoscope forecast aspects of the moon

You are moody and prone to depression.

You feel confused and caught  in a web of emotions.

Once you have learn to value the softer side of your nature you will direct your talents into creative pursuits.

4. SEXTILE THE NORTH NODE  Orb 0°11' Separating

Your destiny lies close to home. Or in other words if you follow your heart then you are likely to be following your destiny.

Some have to go out and seek their own destiny. You may find that fate comes knocking on your door.

5. TRINE THE MIDHEAVEN  Orb 5°10' Applying

Intuitively you know where you are heading in your life.

This may be as a result of the loving and guiding hand of your mother, or a member of your mother's family.

You are able to choose a career that suits you, one that enables you to make a positive contribution in your public life while supporting your foundations.