JULY 2015 LUCKY Numbers Tarot Oracle: intense pressure of emotions or fear

July 2015, Lucky Numbers and Days Tarot card Oracle: 2, 11, 12, 25, 31

During this time, you are likely to be more ambitious and farsighted in relation to activities outside of the home. This transit generally enhances your confidence and feeling of security. With your activities in the outside world running so smoothly, you have the opportunity to advance and even gain financially.

Some individuals will feel compelled to assist others during this transit by visiting and generally helping them.

the tower july 2015 tarot card luck forecast
Shocking experiences, highly disturbing moments, highly offensive or distasteful incident involving intense pressure of emotions or fear, serious fights with others or others engaged in fight with the individual can occur, dazzling events, rapid change in life's direction, rough and swift actions leading to the damages and a subject of shocking news to others, wars, dazzling and chaotic battles whether for property or for any other subject.

TAROT Oracle Zodiac Signs Lucky Forecast July, 2015

This tarot card also indicates a prophesy regarding any homicide or a serious crime which may occur in one's life or around one's environment, such prophesies are common but the individual must be warned to escape the dangers as depicted in this card.

Disaster may occur or is occuring and so the card warns to escape from it as soon as possible to a secure shelter.

The Tower tarot card indicates difficult moments in life where one faces disgrace and becomes opaque for others to know and understand, such person riots and ravages his environment giving hard moments to others who try to flee and forget such shocking persons.

July 2015 Luck Forecast Tarot reading

Mental instability, lack of humanity, and environment leads such events to occur, so one must remain beware of them. Sometimes intutions can lead to building of shocking lifestyle and difficulties. And high level of intutions can lead to mental instability and loss in concentration.

Take care that you do not engage in certain excesses. For many people, this should not be a difficult transit, but there can be the occasional conceited, cocky, or vain mannerism shown.

Remember to only make promises when you know you can keep them. A few people will experience a test of their ability to relate to the needs of others.

Those who are unsure of their own needs will be unable to recognize someone else's. Thus, you could feel a dual desire of being close to someone, yet free to do want you want.