Monthly LEO Fortune Horoscope Days CHART - July 2015

Your self-assurance and easy-going humor draw a crowd. The center of any social scene, you’re an accomplished party-thrower and a sought-after dinner guest.

Although you like to maintain the upper hand in a relationship, and you rely on the attentions of others to keep your ego in shape, you also know how to bestow affection and admiration.

People feel privileged to be your friend.

Unexpected costs and ups and downs in your personal life make you question if you have done the right thing and made the right decisions.

When signing documents be very careful as mistakes are likely.

July 2015 Leo Business Success Forecast
July 2015 Leo Business Success Horoscope
There'll be new projects and attractive, grand plans, and also resources for all this. You'll have a lot of initiative and you'll be very persuasive. Teamwork shall suit you well this time unlike the last few years. Be sure that you do not enter into loggerheads with authorities and peers in work place.

July 2015 Leo Good Luck Optimism Forecast
July 2015 Leo Good Luck Horoscope
The nervous activity will be intense and if you don't use your resources rationally, you can end up being restless, irritated and overloaded. Reorganization in your home, and more importantly, in your soul, embodies the true nature of this transit.

Leo July 2015 Romance Horsocope Reading
July 2015 Leo Love Forecast
Love seems to go from glamorous to less exciting no frills, so it's not the time to become engaged.

You'll be more communicative which will help you sort out some issues, find out what you want to know, express your feelings better by means of conversation or writing.

You could become more active with friends or in your community. You may have opportunities to join or lead clubs or groups.