JULY 2015 CANCER I CHING FORTUNE FORECAST: stay free of desperation and keep control of the situation

July Cancer Chinese Oracle Reading I Ching Hexagram Twenty - Seven: I / Providing Nourishment

Beneath the immobile Mountain the arousing Thunder stirs:

The Superior Person preserves his freedom under oppressive conditions by watching what comes out of his mouth, as well as what goes in.

Endure and good fortune will come. Nurture others in need, as if you were feeding yourself.

Take care not to provide sustenance for those who feed off others. Stay as high as possible on the food chain.

You are a conduit in this instance, able to provide the sustenance needed by others.  Position yourself to nourish the truly needy and worthy.
july 2015 cancer forecast chinese oracle reading

Travel, business or financial matters can all be beneficial now, if other factors support these.

Also, you are presently well-aspected for making contacts with people who can help you socially or professionally.

Avoid situations where you might be coerced into supporting the parasites and vermin who deprive your true charges.

Your own nourishment is an issue here, too.

Cancer Monthly Chinese Fortune Forecast Remember Lao Tzu's three Great Treasures: Only the person possessed of Compassion, Modesty and Frugality can remain fit enough to stay free of desperation and keep control of the situation.

Some people simply experience it as a period of fluctuating energy levels, while others find themselves taking physical risks that they wouldn't normally consider; they become thrill-seekers and daredevils.

Still others experience a rash of sudden arguments and conflicts, especially if they feel that they are being forced to do things against their will.

In extreme cases, some people have the misfortune to experience accidents and injuries. All of these are possible, but a lot depends on your essential nature.