July 2015 ARIES Tarot Horoscope Forecast: The Lovers - Tempter's forces, Riches, Fame, Power

July 2015 Monthly Aries Fortune Tarot reading You are confident and optimistic and life seems to be more than meeting your expectations. You are enjoying working towards your goals and having some fun on the way.

Others are also pleased to help you achieve the success that you well deserve, as long as you remain open to the opportunities.

You are changing and you want your relationships to adapt accordingly. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you do not try to change others overnight. It may be that you are pushing too hard

You may also enjoy channelling some of your energy into your favourite sporting activities, where you are also assured of success.
lovers tarot card july for aries oracle reading

The Lovers tarot card indicates: Riches, Fame, Power, Angels, Protection, Beautiful life, beautiful body and face, independence, education, relationships, but there is ever growing evil, tempter's forces, temptations, sinning, wrong habits, and corruption.

People on whom God has bestowed the fortune, angelic protection, Holy Spirit, grace, luxury, fame, and almost all happiness one can get, only for living under his guidance and universal laws of life.

Hence one must be proud, although there is a hidden warning, a true meaning of this card starts from this: Behind this gracious magnificence, there is the evil hiding everlastingly to signify the theory "Every matter which is born in the universe also has an end later in the future", but there is no fear in the eyes of man and woman because they don't know yet.

There are gifts given to the man or woman but they must be warned not to indulge themselves in dark acts and evil because thereafter their fortune and fate will come into the clutches of evil and criminals.

July 2015 Tarot Reading for Aries sign Beware not to put hands in the tiger's mouth till the end.

Till you don't do it, you will enjoy what is bestowed upon you, a saintly life filled with luxury and riches; If you do it, you will not be able to escape from the trap inside which you have fallen.

Just as the Adam and Eve's story tells itself, to enjoy all happiness, recreation, entertainment, wealth, luxury, grace the God gave to you, but to stay away from the sins, crimes, and evil into which one falls and never comes out, and then all your gifts will begin to fall into the hands of those who are the wicked enemies of God and humanity.

The LOVERS tarot card attempts to tell about the individuals who are rich, graceful, educated, of the top level or top class, happier than others, whom the card warns to leave the wrong path which leads to blinded wickedness and corruption, and to turn to the path of everlasting light where the riches are doubled, luxury becomes insense, and pain fades away, there in heaven there's no place for sin.

The  LOVERS tarot Card tells through it's richly detailed meaning that where there is God, is a heaven, there are his children, the men and the women, and there also is a snake which is divine and is extremely powerful than his children, and that serpent is always able to corrupt the children of god just like the fire roasts the tears falling from one's eyes.

This is the warning hidden in this beautiful card.