JULY 2015 Aries TAROT fortune forecast reading: Page Of Cups - never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams

July Aries Monthly Tarot reading A younger person may be part of your love scenario. Remember that love doesn't know of age, don't discount people who are younger purely on that basis!

This tarot card in the context of love can mean that someone is about to sweep you off your feet. Give them a chance.

One who observes things for example, a scholar. To research and observe a certain object or subject with patience and creativity.

A fish is seen in the cup held by the page, he starts to observe it with great interest.

july monthly tarort reading for aries signThe meaning of this depiction indicates that a beginning of a new research or observation has taken place somewhere; another meaning for depiction of fish points to a person who loves nature and sympathizes towards poor or inferior creatures; such persons are kind and gentle human beings.

July 2015 ARIES Tarot Oracle The Page of Cups tarot card is like your ‘inner child’ – youthful, free, creative, intuitive and inspired.

This Page has never been taught to suppress his innate emotional and intuitive power, and therefore he is a kindred spirit whose imagination is totally free, free to dream wonderful dreams and to create his life exactly as he chooses.

In this way, the Page of Cups represents renewal of your emotional and creative self to allow that sense of freedom to reappear in your life.

One who seeks information or truth which will save the life of a poor creature. One who believes in reality, action, truth, and the level of his own intelligence, his honesty and prestige. A person who gives shapes to ideas and discovers hidden meanings and science in them.

July Tarot cards reading for Aries A person who seeks a certain object or subject which holds the answers and truth to the questions for him. A truth seeker, a sciecntist, a teacher, a professor, a student, an artist, a detective, an employee of any intelligence agency.

One who willingly runs into ideas about a certain object and verifies them for discovering any new information, art, science, or concept.

One who cares, cultivates, and nurtures the things of his importance and interest, especially the living things, and one who is attracted towards the grace and innocence of any creature whether bird, fish, sheep, goat, cow, or an elephant.

A human being who sympathizes at poor, innocent, or the weak creatures.

One who sympathizes at poor or weak human beings; a great urge and emotion rises in such persons which often make them to keep or collect, protect and even pet the creatures around him or wherever he finds them.

July 2015 Aries fortune forecast If your finances are in a holding pattern because of decisions that must be made by someone else, the appearance of this card says that the time is growing nigh.

Your financial situation is likely to take a turn for the better. If you're in the market for a/some big ticket items, don't scrimp on your homework.