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How Sagittarius reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Sagittarius will enter Paradise full of energy and will not understand why nobody has lust of fun. His biggest concern will be to find the place where the dance.

How Capricorn reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Ambitious as we know, Capricorn will be impressed by the importance of Heaven, but will seek to find out how to get there head.

How Aquarius reacts when they arrive in Heaven
The native of this sign will be full of euphoria at the thought will have the opportunity to see a miracle. It will even think to commit something crazy, just to see if his life is eternal.

How Pisces reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Wiki How ZODIAC SIGNS reacts when they arrive in Heaven

Nobody will be so happy that he has gone to heaven. He will listen everything they say and act accordingly.

How Lion reacts when they arrive in Heaven
For a Leo, Heaven is the place where everyone is watching him and everyone knows him. It feels profound disappointment when nobody will come to him and ask him for autographs will not see no picture of him. That is the reason why he will do a self with St. Peter and give to the framed picture and put it prominently.

How Virgo reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Angry that left Earth behind, native of Virgo will not let impressed by the beauty of Heaven. And it would have liked, even the entrance grass to be mowed shorter and fluffy clouds.

How Libra reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Libra will feel like heaven and be amazed by the beauty of the place. I will be sorry that he forgot his sunglasses, it could not bear too much glare.

How Scorpion reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Aware of the life that led her, Scorpio will be confused when you see the Heaven's Gate. Will always be aware that there is a mistake and will wait to be told that they must leave.

How Aries reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Aries is a rational man and not too believe in heaven or hell. In his moments of weakness, however, imagines heaven as a place where he would be king. There is therefore no wonder that when you get there, you will be disappointed. Whatever they find will be below expectations.

How Taurus reacts when they arrive in Heaven
A journey to heaven is not easy for a Taurus, which will be exhausted when you clap eyes on St. Peter. Do not see any green tranquility that reigns there, because his mind will be the food.

How Gemini reacts when they arrive in Heaven
Gemini might have some memories of a previous life, when you reach the gate of Heaven. The fear he felt when he was banished there will again hold of him and will make him feel confused. His main question was what would be called again, without thinking that perhaps deserved, this time, instead.

How Cancer reacts when they arrive in Heaven
There is no greater happiness for a Cancer than a place full of love and happiness. Heaven will fill the heart of accomplishment and will make him wince at the thought that everyone out there will give love.