Horoscope 2016: The most sophisticated women depending on sign - Taurus, Leo and Aries

Women born in Leo have a penchant for dramatic shades of red, gold and black.

Their prowess in fashion is fed, on the one hand, their inclination towards luxury, and on the other hand, this category of women need to be the center of attention.

Molded dresses with extravagant designs, stiletto shoes, quality materials sauchiar the company, if they can afford financially lionesses are on the list.

Two-piece suits Favorite remember famous fashion houses.

This type of woman does not hesitate to explore magazines or specialized sites, to see what and how to wear, but does not hesitate to bring a touch of originality by jewelry or other accessories existing wardrobe.

The juxtaposition of old and new is characteristic of Leo woman.
The most sophisticated women depending on sign
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Among the most sophisticated women depending on sign, include Aries women.

Thus, Aries, because the famous self-confidence, you should not be afraid to wear bold outfits or through special colors, thread with new models that break patterns Aries woman conservatism.

Red is lucky color of Aries, which highlights the charm natives of this sign.

Along with these outfits can wear non-conformist accessories: necklaces atypical oversized minimalist hats or brooches with gemstones.

Include your outfits successfully in metallic elements, which increase the tone of elegance and independence of  Aries woman.

Gold or silver, with or without gemstones, is among their favorites and do not overdo the wearing of worthless items.

Depending on conjecture, they can take and vintage elements established that to wear with naturalness and elegance.

Ladies born in Taurus can use with confidence in shades of blue in natural tones, earth, or neutral.

For them, the style is synonymous with quality, with a preference to native tasteful accessories, but also the company.

They will always take care to include in their attire a must-have,, '' of the season, be it a purse or a jewel.

Unlike other signs, Taurus women do not buy clothing items or accessories company, of snobbery. They want to benefit from the quality of that product.

They will not invest in something you can never go out of style soon, with a great sense of fashion.

Their wardrobe is crammed with elegant shoes or quality  handbags.