Celebrity Wiki: James Horner birth horoscope reading - live in a fantasy world and have difficulty coping with reality

James Horner dies in plane crash aged 61.

Prolific film composer who also scored Aliens, Avatar, Braveheart and A Beautiful Mind, James Horner died piloting his single-engine plane in California.

The plane – a S-312 Tucano MK1 turbo-prop with two seats – crashed about 9.30am local time on Monday in the Los Padres national forest.

Celebrities Astrology: James Horner natal horoscope chart

Scores: Fire 8; Earth 0; Air 9; Water 6

You have difficulty coping with the realities of every day life. Practical daily chores seem beyond your capabilities, and you have difficulty concentrating on matters at hand.

James Horner astrology horoscope predictions
You are objective and philosophical, preferring to view life from an intellectual perspective. Your rational mind will outweigh your feelings every time, as you consider the world of emotions to be irrational. You have a high sense of fairness, and a logical thought process. Your weakness lies in the fact that you view emotions in a disparaging light.

The Moon is placed in the 12th House of your birth chart suggesting that you're a born loner, enjoying a reclusive lifestyle. Even when you're surrounded by people, you find your own secret world in which to retreat. You're likely to suffer if you seek a public lifestyle.

The secret to success in your life is to spend much of your time in seclusion rather than attempting to seek prominence in the public eye. The more you seek to hold the limelight, the more you're prone to difficulties.

This doesn't mean that you can never achieve fame and fortune. It simply means that you need to work behind the scenes as much as possible, even choosing a career that requires seclusion, or in institutions such as hospitals, libraries, museums and archives - isolated positions in remote places.

SQUARE VENUS  Orb 5°09' Separating
You have difficulty expressing your feelings in relationships. You feel you cannot relax and be yourself when with your loved ones. Once you have learnt to reveal your feelings in a loving manner you will develop an understanding of relationships.

TRINE JUPITER  Orb 3°32' Applying
You are generous, and good-natured. You make adventurous plans which usually prove successful. You enjoy the company of other people and they usually like to help you in your goals.

You are a soft, imaginative and sensitive person. You may feel overwhelmed at times by your feelings and need to shut yourself off from the world.   You live in a fantasy world and have difficulty coping with reality.  You may have developed an unrealistic picture of your mother, and as a result have difficulty letting go either because you feel so at-one with her, or because you feel so disillusioned. You need to develop your artistic, spiritual and creative nature and avoid drugs and negative people. This way you will realise your true potential.

TRINE SATURN  Orb 1°46' Applying
You have an easy blend of enthusiasm and self control. You do not allow yourself to be overly restricted or overly expansive. This is a very fortunate aspect to have. If you do not take this for granted but use it wisely you can gain great success in life.

TRINE NEPTUNE  Orb 0°40' Applying
You are artistic and may also be religious. You have a need to help others and may feel you have a calling. You have the ability to inspire other people's talents as well.

SEXTILE PLUTO  Orb 1°58' Applying
You have a chance to achieve a great deal. Your knowledge is broad as you are interested in so many things. You may make a career in the occult or studying the deepest mysteries of life.

You continue to be likely to rebel against anyone who tried to assert their authority. You want to be master or mistress of your own destiny, and will strike out on your own rather than conform to someone else's assertions.