AUGUST 2015 CANCER HOROSCOPE ZONE: LOVE, MONEY, HEALTH - a period of fluctuating energy levels

August 2015 Cancer Horoscope Transit Forecast Some people simply experience it as a period of fluctuating energy levels, while others find themselves taking physical risks that they wouldn't normally consider; they become thrill-seekers and daredevils.

Still others experience a rash of sudden arguments and conflicts, especially if they feel that they are being forced to do things against their will.

In extreme cases, some people have the misfortune to experience accidents and injuries.

All of these are possible, but a lot depends on your essential nature.

If you are a naturally aggressive and angry person, you are not going to readily yield to another's demands, so you will tend to have a year of arguments and disputes.
August 2015 Cancer Astrology Cafe Forecast

If you are naturally reactive, you could experience physical fights or accidents.

August 2015 Cancer Astrology Forecast However, if you are normally calm and easygoing, you will probably only feel restless and impatient; certainly not overly reactionary or explosive.

In special circumstances, this transit can signify a need for surgery, but other factors need to be present to support this.

For the duration of this transit your approach to work will undergo many changes. If you work for yourself, you will try out new working methods and make use of technological advances.

If you employ people, there may be sudden and unexpected problems associated with staff. If you work for someone, you could change jobs frequently during this period.

During this period your approach to intellectual activity will change significantly. If you are naturally studious, you may intensify your interest in learning and research work.

August Astrology Zone for Cancer sign If you are less inclined to involve yourself in academic work, you may become more interested in learning. Relationships with siblings and neighbours can change now.
This is likely to be a pleasant period in your life with respect to social activity and meeting people.

Contacts are made effortlessly and, in some circumstances, new relationships or long-lasting friendships are formed now.