Astrology Zone AUGUST 2015: Horoscope Forecast for Taurus to Aquarius - You need to take time for meditation

Read your free monthly horoscope prediction for August 2015 according to the zodiac sign you've belonged. 

Venus and Jupiter unite their benefic energies to offer each one of us accomplishments or joys in one area or another.

Suddenly, you'll find you're motivated to get back to work or school. You'll crave that old routine, or you will busy yourself happily by figuring out what new schedule works for your life.

August 2015 Aries Fortune Horoscope

Preferably you should listen to your intuition. If in doubt then take your time before making life-changing decisions. This is a time to gently explore the more subtle realms of life, rather than forge ahead with definitive goals.

August 2015 Taurus Fortune Horoscope

You are currently required to modify the way that you approach certain areas of your life. Whether you realise it or not tension has been building for some time. For instance you may have been concentrating on one area of your life to the detriment of others.
august free monthly horoscope zone according to the zodiac sign
August 1, 2015 Horoscope Chart

August 2015 Gemini Fortune Horoscope

You need to balance your home, family, work and marriage, with your own interests and appetites. The problem is that you are currently going through a somewhat egotistical stage. On the positive side you are eager to achieve your goals and are quite capable of doing so.

August 2015 Cancer Fortune Horoscope

Your professional life may change. If you are satisfied with your job and your career then you may apply for promotions, or take further courses to advance your career. If you are dissatisfied then you are likely to make changes. Right now you are being forced to work hard towards your goals, to keep sight of your personal and professional ambitions and to shoulder your responsibilities.

August 2015 Leo Fortune Horoscope

You have plans for changes in one or more areas of your life, but obstacles seem to block your path. You need patience and persistence right now. Focus on what you can achieve rather than on what you cannot.

August 2015 Virgo Fortune Horoscope

Now is the time for serious work. Your work, home, family and marriage are all open for contemplation. If you are married then you are likely to be faced with some big decisions. This could include buying a house together, starting a family or moving to a new area.

August 2015 Libra Fortune Horoscope

If you have a lover, fiancé or spouse then they are likely to be hurting you in some way. It is likely that they are not as committed as you would like and this is confusing you. You may simply need to wait until your loved one can settle down

August 2015 Scorpio Fortune Horoscope

During this period you are more sensitive to other people and your surroundings. You may feel the need to slow down, rest and reflect on aspects of your life. You may feel the urge to pursue a more spiritual path, perhaps rejoining a former religion or joining a new spiritual group.

August 2015 Sagittarius Fortune Horoscope

It is time to make some changes in your life. This can be a challenging period during which you feel lonely, perhaps even depressed. Try not to succumb to gloomy feelings. You will do better if you can focus on the work at hand

August 2015 Capricorn Fortune Horoscope

This is a rare occurrence indicating a new and positive phase of your life. You may make plans to study, travel, teach or publish material.

August 2015 Aquarius Fortune Horoscope

It is time to contemplate. Action now may prove frustrating. You need to take time for meditation, prayer and other spiritual and artistic tasks.

August 2015 Pisces Fortune Horoscope

This can be a busy, unsettled time. You may feel over stimulated, as if you have too many choices. Perhaps you believe that others are making decisions that are forcing you to consider your options.