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Numerology analysis KLAUDIA BRAHJA

WIKI: At 18, Klaudia Brahja was a muse of David Bellemere. This young model seems to be the muse of so many a photographer in black and white and hot all over goodness these days.


These people are very unstable in a relationship. They are very rarely involved in a long-term relationship.

They try to find their true partner during their whole life. They are also very gentle and emotional people.

Even though they may have a good marriage, they quickly get bored and unhappy and continue their search for another partner or a short relationship.

Their life becomes more stable after their fifties.

The 6 is full of sympathy, and her sense of justice is well developed -- when she perceives injustice, she will sacrifice all her time and effort to set things straight.

You are generous, kind and attractive. You are often admired, even adored, which baffles you.

You are humble, and yet carry a deep pride, You move well and gracefully, but will have to work hard to stay in shape.


These people are very reliable and generous.

They are also very attractive and sensual which makes them desirable to the opposite sex.

They tend to overprize themselves for the favors they do for others and they usually ask much more in return.

They are very loyal to their family and friends and they are particularly devoted to their business partners.

They may be too critical of others.

They rarely accept the opinion of others even if they are their family members or close friends.

They are very intelligent and artistic people. Many famous writers, poets, painters and other kinds of artists had this number as their characteristic.

They enjoy beauty of all kinds. They advice others but they are not good at accepting criticism.

You are blessed with a great deal of charm and charisma, which you use effectively to attract the people and the support you need.

When the unusual happens and the 6 falls into discord and disharmony, it becomes possibly the most destructive and dangerous of all numbers. Beware of a cynical or angry 6 -- she is a merciless wolf in sheep's clothing.