Astrology Free School: What is The Relocated Chart? The relocated horoscope meanings.

Astro Wiki: What is The Relocated Chart?

A relocated chart is calculated by calculating a chart for the date of birth and the place that one is interested in.

For example, suppose that John was born on March 1, 1980 at 2:30 AM in Paris, France currently she lives in Los Angeles, California. What can John expect in Los Angeles?

We set up a chart for March 1, 1980 in Los Angeles, California to find out. To make sure that the chart is calculated for the same moment in time, the birth time needs to be adjusted.

You may find it helpful to convert the time to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to help in doing this. On March 1, 1950 Paris, France did not observe daylight savings time and the time zone is 1 hour east, so the GMT of birth is 1:30 AM .

Astrology Free School What is The Relocated Chart
Los Angeles, California on this date also did not have daylight savings time and the time zone was 8 hours west, so a birth time of 8 hours earlier than the birth time produces the same GMT.

Subtract 8 hours from the GMT of 1:30 AM to obtain 5:30 PM on the previous day, February 28, 1950.

Therefore, the relocated chart for John is calculated for February 28, 1950 at 5:30 PM in Los Angeles, California.

To calculate the Relocated Chart in the astrology program, simply enter the birth data or read the data from disk, and then select the "Relocation" button at screen.

Then enter the place for which you want a relocated chart.

You need not perform any of the manual calculations described in the previous paragraph, but they have been described so that you are familiar the theory that is underlying the calculation of the Relocated Chart.

In the Relocated Chart, the positions of the planets are identical to the positions at birth. The only difference is in the placement of the zodiac houses.