Astrology Cafe SEPTEMBER 2015: Horoscope Forecast for Gemini to Aries - you release earthly attachments in favour of spiritual rewards

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From the perspective of social interaction, September promises to become a challenging 30 days. The galaxy seemed to be loaded with hissing disturbance, so listening to and knowing the person close to you properly will be extremely challenging.

September 2015 Aries Horoscope Forecast

This time can be tense; you are unsure as to exactly what is going on. It is as if you are in a boat at sea and a fog has descended leaving you unsure of which way to head to shore.

September 2015 Taurus Horoscope Prediction

The challenge is to change our expectations: not always an easy task. However, you will discover one way or another that you have been stripped of a lot of excess baggage, and that this actually can be quite rejuvenating.

September 2015 Gemini Horoscope Reading
september 2015 astrology horoscope prediction

It is a challenge to find a balance between your need for stability compared to your wish for more excitement. It could be that your attempts to explore new areas of stimulation are thwarted either by events, other people, or your own fears.

September 2015 Cancer Horoscope Forecast

You are leaving behind childhood and reviewing your life through new, more mature eyes.  During this time your past comes under close scrutiny. You are being forced, whether you like it or not, to face life with a new maturity.

September 2015 Leo Horoscope Forecast

Domestic relationships are sometimes difficult, particularly with your mother or motherly type friends. Meditation and quiet contemplation are ideal ways of making the most of this transit.

September 2015 Virgo Horoscope Forecast

This transit can have the effect of making you feel that you are caught in one of life's mazes. Whatever exciting direction you wish to explore there seems to be no clear path, and yet there is a strong urge to continue exploring.

September 2015 Libra Horoscope Forecast

Perhaps you are feeling a lack of emotional satisfaction in your current pursuits and this is causing you to search for more meaningful pursuits or perhaps something has happened which threatens your goals and ambitions.

September 2015 Scorpio Horoscope Forecast

You have a larger-than-life presence and an ability to inspire others. As a result you may have the opportunity to teach or take up public speaking.

September 2015 Sagittarius Horoscope Forecast

You have the chance to heal wounds, physical and/or emotional, and realign your identity with your true purpose. In some cases it is possible that you suffer an illness which forces you to consider your lifestyle and make appropriate changes.

September 2015 Capricorn Horoscope Forecast

Your insights into ways to change may be entirely appropriate, but you are being asked to change your method of approaching others. Slow down and try different approaches and you will eventually make the necessary changes.

September 2015 Aquarius Horoscope Forecast

You now have the ability to view your life in a new light. In some cases, if you have suppressed the spiritual side of your nature, you will experience very little. However, if you are alive spiritually then this can be a great time of insight and contentment as you release earthly attachments in favour of spiritual rewards.

September 2015 Pisces Horoscope Forecast

Now is the time to make sure that the foundations of your life are on firm ground. This could be literally renovating your house, or more metaphorically, spending time with your family and loved ones.