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WIKI: Real Housewives of Orange County veteran Vicki Gunvalson is born in 1962 in a small Northwest suburb of Chicago.

Vicki is one of 5 children.  Her father owned a large construction company and her mother was a stay at home mom who cooked every night for the family, babysitters were a rarity and she always looked impeccable.

Vicki became a single mother at the age of 29 and at that time was working part time at her father’s construction company processing Payroll, Accounts Payables and Receivables.

In 1994 Vicki was remarried and moved to California to follow her husband’s career.  She regained her insurance licensed in CA and started her own agency out of her home selling life insurance and medicare supplements.
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Vicki Gunvalson is the proud owner of Coto Insurance and Financial Services, Inc, Woo Hoo Productions, LLC and Diamonds by Vicki.

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Natal Chart horoscope is an astrological chart based on the mathematically precise positions of the planets and the Sun & Moon at the time, date and place of birth.

Natal Chart horoscope provides you with insights into your character and personal life potentials by indicating the strengths you have and the challenges you experience in life.

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Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You are sensitive and emotional; however you can also be over-sensitive and easily hurt by people. You are receptive to the needs of others and have a natural desire to care for or protect people. Family and domestic matters are always important to you and your home is your retreat and sanctuary. At times, you are susceptible to changeable moods, irritability and touchiness.

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You have a strong desire to become important or to gain the esteem of others. You have a knack for attracting the attention of important and even well-known or famous people. You may tend to overwhelm other people with the power of your personality and display pride or egotism. Difficulties may be experienced in your relations with others caused by arrogance or self-glorification.
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You demonstrate self-confidence and self-assuredness in the company of other people. You often assume the role of leader and organizer in group activities. Other people will look to you for guidance. You are socially active, fun-loving, entertaining, and like sharing in festive events and social occasions.

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You are a member of a generation who experiences extraordinary pressures and upheavals in the areas of employment and health. You are exposed to transformations within the work and health sectors that occur outside of your own control. You witness breakthroughs in medical science, coupled with a rise of interest in alternative therapies.