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WIKI: Michael Nelson "Mike" Trout (born August 7, 1991) is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Major League Baseball (MLB).

On April 17, 2015,  Mike Trout became the youngest player in MLB history to reach 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases.

Trout was 23 years and 253 days old when he reached the milestone, passing the previous record-holder, Alex Rodriguez, who had achieved it at the age of 23 years and 309 days in 1999.

Trout was the runner-up in the American League MVP voting in 2012 and 2013 before winning the award in 2014. His name and "most valuable" have appeared together a lot over the last three years.
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Trout has been an on-base machine. He's hitting .294 with a .381 on-base percentage. Neither is his best mark, but both are improvements over last year's .287 average and .377 OBP.

Astrology forecast MLB players: Mike Trout 2016 transit horoscope reading

You are clear about your purpose in life, but obstacles seem to stand in the way.

Perhaps you have to fully complete one project before starting another, or perhaps you are simply at the stage where you have to attend to time-consuming and frustrating details before moving forward.

It is also possible that you are being asked to slow down and wait for others to catch up. Trust that you are on the right track, it is simply the time to wait until the timing is right to move on.

Confusion seems to plague your activities and relationships with others at this time. You feel disillusioned, tired and hopeless as you question past visions and goals and wonder about their merit. You feel tired, listless and sensitive.

This is a time when you could fall prey to others' deceptions. Therefore it is not a good time to be entering into business agreements.
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Any relationships started under the influence of this transit should be approached carefully. You should show the same wariness of any spiritual pursuits.

This is not to say that you should avoid relationships or spiritual pursuits, simply that you currently lack discrimination and should wait before making life-changing commitments and decisions.

The purpose of this transit is to challenge your ego encouraging you to take a more spiritual approach to your goals in life.

By the end of this transit you will have gained greater insight into your purpose in the world.

Fate plays a strong role in your life at the moment. You are at a major turning point.

You may start an important relationship with someone who feels very familiar. It's almost as if you have known them before in another lifetime.

It is also possible that you meet a group of people, who play a major role in your life. Circumstances may change enabling you to move closer to achieving your goals.

Whatever the circumstances, life will take a dramatic turn during this period.

You need to find new ways to respond to emotional situations and to comfort yourself. In the meantime keep going because the delays will clear and you will feel much better having achieved some emotional equilibrium.