Astro Wiki: Julianna Margulies Natal Horoscope - You are romantic and sensitive

WIKI: Julianna Margulies, the youngest of three daughters. was born in Spring Valley, New York. Margulies made her feature film debut in Steven Seagal's film Out for Justice.

Julianna Margulies (born June 8, 1966) and actor Ron Eldard, whom she met in an acting class in 1991,dated for twelve years before splitting in 2003.

Julianna Margulies and attorney Keith Lieberthal, the son of academic Kenneth Lieberthal, were married on November 10, 2007 in Lenox, Massachusetts. They have one child, a son named Kieran.

Harmonic Highlights Horoscope for Julianna Luisa Margulies

Sun 32nd harmonic (7/32) Saturn, very strong    (Orb: 0 Deg 06 Min):

You are a highly ethical person with a serious view of life. You shy away from the limelight and what you regard as superficialities. Your dedication, commitment and seriousness help you succeed in achieving your goals, but be careful to not severely limit your range of possibilities.

Moon 7th harmonic (triseptile) Uranus, very strong    (Orb: 0 Deg 13 Min):

There is some tension between your freedom-loving spontaneous child-like side and your more mature and disciplined side.

Moon 7th harmonic (triseptile) Pluto, very strong    (Orb: 0 Deg 02 Min):

You have a good intuitive sense of how various myths and legends express the deepest longings and concerns of people. You are interested in exploring the psychological depths of people, and in gaining mastery over one's feelings and drives.

Venus 9th harmonic (novile) Saturn, very strong    (Orb: 0 Deg 24 Min):

You are a good citizen, and most likely you contribute significantly to your local community. You are sensitive to, and concerned about, social injustices and social inadequacies that prevent some people from having the same opportunities as others have. You are a responsible and mature person. You can use your gift to make an important contribution that will have lasting benefits for your community.

Mercury 5th harmonic (quintile) Uranus, strong    (Orb: 1 Deg 49 Min):

You have an unusually creative mind, and you need outlets for your open-minded approach to life. You tend to be successful in an environment where products or services are being developed or ingenuity is required. You adapt well to new ideas and you are able to identify potential in a new idea while others may overlook it because it does not fit into their preconceived notions.

You have an ability to enjoy clever ideas, whether they are new gadgets, or technology, a fresh approach in arts or music, or any other area, without being burdened by your personal responsibilities. While others have excuses, like not having enough available time to learn something new, you avail yourself of the oppportunity to experience new things.
Wiki Julianna Margulies Natal Horoscope

Mercury 5th harmonic (quintile) Pluto, strong    (Orb: 2 Deg 04 Min):

You appreciate any work that is done with passion. You enjoy periodically becoming fully engrossed in a book, research, movie, sports, or any other activity. You have the ability to develop expertise or excellent technique through your combination of creativity and focused attention.

Mercury 7th harmonic (septile) Venus, strong    (Orb: 1 Deg 09 Min)

You have an unusual, sensitive way of learning and understanding that others may not fully appreciate or understand. You learn best, and express yourself most effectively, when you can ponder and reflect on things. Sometimes you are more interested in the historical basis, symbolic meaning, or emotional and psychological undercurrents of an idea, rather than accepting the facts at face value. You may have a strong interest in ancient art or literature.

Moon 9th harmonic (binovile) Venus, strong    (Orb: 0 Deg 54 Min):

You have a gentle, tolerant, accepting way of relating to others that makes them feel very welcome. You feel a need to share love and a sense of closeness with the larger community, not just family and friends and you feel very happy if you are part of a very positive and loving organization or community. Your sweet and gentle nature makes you loved and appreciated by many people.